Why you should sell with an experianced real estate sales agent

real estate sales agentIt is probably safe to say that the real estate business is the reason why the term cut-throat was coined. To say that it is smooth sailing for either the client or the realtor would be a gross misrepresentation of the truth. However, if you have a great real estate sales agent on your side, things will run a lot more smoothly. So, if you are looking to sell your home in or around Cape Coral or the Fort Myers area, we are your best shot at getting a great deal in the shortest time possible. So why should you choose us to help you sell your home.

Why we are the best real estate sales agent for you

1. Years of experience

With more than twenty years of experience, you can rest assured that you and your house are in safe hands. The time we have spent in the business has equipped us with a wealth of knowledge and skills that will help us sell your home faster and for what it is truly worth.

2. Full time real estate agent with up to date market knowledge

Did you know that the many real estate agents in South West Florida do real estate as a side job and spend a lot of their time with doing something else? We are full-time real estate agents, we deal with the real estate market on a daily basis, research the available real estate market, attend training courses and expand our knowledge, share our experiences with colleagues and builders, deal with the needs and wants of our customer. Many agents offer an extensive knowledge, but the knowledge about the market and the technology have long been overtaken.

3. Language diversity

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to selling homes in a place as diverse as Cape Coral is overcoming the language barrier. Imagine having to explain the exquisiteness of a marble countertop or crown molding to someone whose language you do not speak. Fortunately, working with our realtors means that this is something that you don’t have to worry about. We have sales agents fluent in English, Spanish and even German ensuring that wherever it is your potential buyer is coming from, they will have all the information needed to choose to close the deal.

4. We invest a lot in marketing

Our main strategy when it comes to successful house selling is putting almost all of our eggs in the marketing basket. We have invested in everything from high quality print media to search and location optimized ads on the internet. These help us to reach out to clients all over the area, the state and even the world. This means that sooner and not later, your house will have a buyer and a great deal to boot.

5. We are client and society oriented

Finally, as a business we believe that our client’s satisfaction comes first. You therefore have a lot to look forward to in terms of client support. One of the offers on the table is a free and unbound appointment.  It allows us to take you through our sales strategy for your home. We are also interested in community outreach programs including veteran and city employee support which allows you to be a part of giving back to the community.

Bottom line

Whether you are selling your home in order to upgrade or you need some quick cash. We won’t let you down. With years of experience and unmatched skill, we will ensure that you get value for your money and your property. So, with all these and so much more to look forward to. You know where to turn when you need help selling your beautiful beach condo. You amazing single family home or that amazing apartment.