Real Estate Cape Coral – waterfront wonderland

Real Estate Cape CoralThere are a lot of good reason to decide to buy Real Estate Cape Coral. The City has a lot to offer.  In its structure it is a lot different than other surrounding Cities. You will fall in love with it or maybe don’t like it at all. You can enjoy your day in your yard, go for shopping, visit one of the many nice parks for recreation, go for fishing or boating or just spend the day on your pool. It is one of the top destinations for tourists around the world. Read some of the information we provided on this page and make your decision. We are always here to show you some of the beautiful locations.

The History

On the Gulf of Mexico, located in Lee County / Florida. Planned as a pre-planned community in 1957 two Brothers, Leonard Rosen and Jack Rosen from Baltimore, began the development in 1958. They bought the land as a tract of 103 square miles, known as the Redfish Point, for $ 678,000. Over the years, they changed the wilderness to a waterfront paradise where people are selling and buying dreams. The city is the right place for fishing, boating, golfing and lounging. There is no other place where everything is so close by, one of the reason the city grew very fast. From the 1970th to 2009 the population grew from just around 12,000 to almost 170,000. Now with a population of around 180,000 (2015) residents, Cape Coral is one of the fastest growing cities with daily changes of Real Estate Cape Coral.

About the City

Cape Coral is a very popular holiday destination for the northern States, Canada and many Europeans. For Example, approximately 40,000 Germans make the area their home on a temporary or permanent basis. This significant interest in the city can be explained by the world-famous canals, for which Cape Coral is known as America’s Venice. The majority of the canals have direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, which means nothing stands in the way of a boat trip to the open sea right from one’s home.

It is doubtless one of the most beautiful locations for buying Real Estate Cape Coral. The favorable location makes it a snap to reach numerous sights, beautiful beaches, famous cities and a large number of shopping malls and outlets. In Cape Coral itself, a visit to the Cape Harbor Yacht Community is certainly worthwhile, as is Tarpon Point Marina for a stroll, during which one can get a good look at the luxury yachts lying in the harbor. Cape Coral also has a small beach with a pier where one can enjoy the sunset or fishing from the pier. If you’re interested in Real Estate Cape Coral, you should definitely have a look at the different areas of this beautiful City.


Cape Coral has a subtropical climate, it is a moderate climate with dry winter and humid, rainy and hot summers. The usually daytime highs are between 75 degree in the winter time and 95 degrees during the summer with an average of 55 inches of rain. The dry season starts in October and lasts until May. Our winter is very pleasant with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the low 80th during the day. Nighttime’s there can be some weeks where it cools down in the 50th or 60th, sometimes for a couple of hours even in the 30th or 40th. At the winter season, southwest Florida is experiencing a lot of wildfires but it is very fast taken care of. By the way – if you see fireman’s on the street with their boots, don’t forget to donate! They all are taking care of us.

The rainy season starts in May and lasts to October. Even if we have a lot of rain during the summer, it seldom lasts longer than 90min. and usually only late afternoon. Before and after the rain is plenty of sunshine and it want to bother you at all. End of May until end of October is hurricane season, where the best chance for a hurricane is during the month of August and September. Cape Coral is one of the parts of Florida that get hit less than other parts of the State. Most of Real Estate in Cape Coral are equipped with hurricane shutter to protect the doors and windows. Newer homes are often equipped with impact windows to protect you. If you are looking for Real Estate Cape Coral your Real Estate Agent will tell you what you need to know about your dream home.

Parks and recreation

In Cape Coral we have a lot of parks to enjoy all over the city. There are different types of parks, some are equipped with Boat ramps, some are athletic parks, neighborhood parks, recreation Centers or Specialty Parks. Some of the Boat ramps are located close to the open water. If you are a Boater it is worth to check what boat ramp is the best choice for you.

If you don’t want to buy your own boat but enjoy the fun on the water, there are many options. You can rent a boat at one of the plenty boat rental offices or join a boat club if you want to get a boat on a regular base. Some boat clubs are offering shared memberships, what make it affordable to enjoy boating. The two boat clubs you can find in Cape Coral are Carefree Boat Club and the Freedom Boat Club.  Actually the Freedom Boat Club is located in Punta Gorda, just a half mile north of Cape Coral.

Different types of parks

Types of specialty Parks are the Seahawk Park for radio controlled airplanes with a wide-open landing strip. The Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve with 6600 feet of nature trail. Picnic areas, kayak rentals, visitor center and a lot more. It is always worth to visit the many different parks in Cape Coral.  Check it out to find your favorite park. For your entertainment and your health Cape Coral is offering a lot athletic parks with basketball courts, tennis courts, football fields, soccer fields, baseball and a lot more activities. Almost at every athletic park is a playground, picnic tables and restrooms. As a resident, part- or fulltime, you will enjoy everything everything the city has to offer – if you are part-time resident in a vacation rental or if you own Real Estate Cape Coral – enjoy the parks of our nice community.

Assessments, an important factor of Real Estate Cape Coral

If you are looking for Real Estate Cape Coral you will come along to hear about the assessments. Not every house is connected to the city-water or city-sewer. There are a lot of homes still on septic and well. The City continues with the Utilities Extension Project to connect areas to the city-water and city-sewer.

You need to be aware, that one day, every house will be connected and the City will charge for it. Usually it becomes part of the tax-bill and the payment will be made over a long period. In some areas the assessments a partially paid. In other they are paid in full, in some it will maybe hit you in a couple of years. Depending on your needs and wants you might care about it or not. On the city website you will find a lot more information about the project. We will always take care about that you get all the information you need about the properties you are interested in.

The street system

The City is divided into 4 major parts. The Northwest and Northeast, the Southwest and Southeast. The East and West parts of the city are divided by the Santa Barbara Blvd. The North and South parts are divided on the Westside by the Embers Pkwy. On the Eastside by the Hancock Bridge Pkwy. At the intersection of Santa Barbara Blvd and Hancock Bridge Pkwy is the geographical center. Usually almost every street carries the prefix of its location like NW, NE, SW and SE. Starting from the geographical center the street numbers increases from 1 to 44 northbound and 1 to 59 southbound.

East-west arterial streets are named parkways, north-south are named boulevards. Streets always run east-west and Avenues north-south. Running from a boulevard east to west the sequence of the streets is avenue, place, court. Running north-south on a parkway the sequence is street, terrace and lane. For homebuyers, it is important to know about Real Estate Cape Coral that even house numbers have a west or south rear exposure.  Odd numbers have a north or east rear exposure.