Our Marketing Concept for to sell you home

Real Estate Agent Cape CoralWhen selling real estate, it’s important to have a complete marketing concept right from the start. This is one of our duties as your Real Estate Agent Cape Coral. Simply having a house or property listed in the MLS (Multi Listing System) is not enough. As your real estate agent in Cape Coral, we want you to reach a large buyer group. The goal is to obtain the best possible price and the fastest possible sale. Your house must be advertised effectively right from the start. With our tri-lingual and comprehensive marketing concept, we directly reach the greatest possible number of buyers, right from day one.

As your Real Estate Agent Cape Coral we have the right strategy for a quick sale.

Being a real estate agent in Cape Coral is not just a profession – it’s our passion. And this is reflected in the work we do each day. We would be happy to meet with you personally to fill you in on the individual components of our marketing strategy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Once we’ve presented our strategy to you and factored in your preferences, the search for the buyer can get underway. In order to do so, we enter into an agent contract with you that guarantees you the services that are offered. Once this is in place, we take care of all additional steps, from the photos to be created, 360° views, brochures, entry into the MLS system and much more.

During the sale of your residence or property, we keep you informed of every step taken. Naturally, visits by potential buyers are coordinated with you in timely manner, and we can even handle visits for you in your absence in the event that you’re not on-site and you agree to a showing while you’re away. We look forward to working with you over the long term and are convinced you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our expertise. Give us your confidence, we won’t disappoint you.