New construction Cape Coral – Build your dream home

New Construction Cape CoralAre you interested in new construction Cape Coral or Fort Myers? Or perhaps you are looking for a plot of land with which to build on? Build your dream home in Cape Coral with one of our partners. Whether you prefer a more modern or traditional home, we have the right partner for you. Build your house in accordance with your specifications!

Since the needed equipment and space vary from project to project, it is important to begin discussing the details now so that we can assemble the right plan of action. Then we will be able to match you with the right partner to contruct your home. Many companies have model homes which we will be able to visit with you.

New construction Cape Coral and Fort Myers. Your individual Villa!

We have put together a brochure where you can review the most important information, where the differences are explained, and some floor plans will be presented. After reviewing at your own leisure you may get back with us for any questions you may have. Once your budget is established and a direction is decided upon, we will introduce the appropriate “Builder”.

At this point we will go through your plan again, in detail, and then your individual floor plan will slowly be taking shape. Through the refinement of the planning, the floor plan of your dream home will become more and more finalized.

At your request we can work with you to find suitable land to build on, support the decor of your home and help you establish your utilities. We will managed other items as well. All partners coordinate with us so that you will only have one point of contact when communicating about any detail.

We offer complete construction services in Cape Coral, you will receive reports along with photos on construction progress, along with questions that will arise with us along the way. Accessible 7 days a week, we take care of each individual construction phase and coordinate the necessary tasks for you.