Buying Houses in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Lehigh Acres

Buying Houses in Cape CoralBuying Houses in Cape Coral or one of the other cities is a nice adventure. If you do not intend to pay cash, we suggest you have a financial institution determine, without obligation your maximum amount of funding. With that, you will know the price classification in which you will be able to search for a house. In doing this, you should take into account that this so-called “pre-qualification letter” must be issued by a bank that is recognized by the state in which you want to purchase your house. We will gladly give you the names of several competent partners.

Buying Houses in Cape Coral

As your real estate agent in Cape Coral, we will work for you as the buyer of a house or plot of land in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, free-of-charge and without obligation.

After you have your “pre-qualification letter” in hand, the search for the suitable Houses in Cape Coral, i.e. the “house-hunting” can begin. As your “buyer’s agent” (real estate agent representing the buyer) we will gladly advise you with regard to the advantages and disadvantages of particular locations in southwest Florida, especially Cape Coral and Fort Myers. After you decided the location of your dream, we will present to you selected objects in accordance with your wishes and ideas. We will advise you as to the advantages and disadvantages of each object. In the end, it is up to you to decide which will be your dream home.

Once your decision is made, we will discuss the offer together (Contract for Sale and Purchase) and transmit this to the seller. Upon delivery of the offer to the seller, basically three reactions are possible. In the worst case, the seller declines your offer and we will have to look for a new object or revise your offer. Contrasted to that is the most favorable case where the seller accepts your offer 100%. As soon as he signs your offer and delivers it back to you, this is legally binding. But if the seller is not entirely in agreement with your offer, he will present a counteroffer. You now have the opportunity, naturally, to accept this offer or not. However, if you sign it and deliver the offer back to the seller, you have a legally valid contract.

Title Companies and Title Insurance

If a earnest money (deposit) has been offered and the detailed mortgage application transmitted. The inspection of the house initiated by the buyer can take place.

In conclusion, a title company  can be commissioned to determine if there are possible legal claims against the property. This can be checked through the land registry. As a rule, the buyer receives a type of insurance that protects him from possible legal claims by third parties. Once all of the examinations by the title Company are concluded, the deadline for the notarized certification can be arranged. To which the buyer must bring the balance of his deposit. If the bank has transferred the financing contract to the title company. The next step is the mutual signing of the contract.

With this, your purchase of a house in Cape Coral is as good as completed. The only thing left is the passage of title (the “closing”). The related entry into the land registry. The obligatory transfer of keys is then all that is left.